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The Woods Spirit Co.

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Cocktail Classes and ToursCocktail Classes and Tours

Cocktail Classes and Tours

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sweet, softly herbal, red, classic.
refreshing, floral, fizzy, summer.
highball, juniper, hops, staple.
fun, fresh, spicy, tasty.
rich, coffee, gentle, indulgent.
sophisticated, peach, juicy, delicious.
Quality Spirits From The Pacific Northwest

Quality Spirits From The Pacific Northwest

We believe in flavour
Here at The Woods, we design Italian-inspired spirits & liqueurs. We continue to be inspired by the beautiful terrain of the Pacific Northwest- born out of a passion for nature and the flavor found within it.
Award-Winning Liqueurs

Award-Winning Liqueurs

Our genuine passion for quality and flavor is what makes our range so special. Don't just take our word for it. Quality. Balanced. Delicious.
Book Our Bar

Book Our Bar

Welcome to The Woods Bar, located in North Vancouver. The Woods is not just a bar; it's an experience designed for those seeking to rent for every special occasions.
Our address
1450 Rupert St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1E9
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Thursday-Friday 5-9 pm Saturday-Sunday 3-9 pm

Come visit us

The distillery has a bottle shop which is open to customers mid-week and a beautiful cocktail lounge open on weekends. Come visit us to see the distillery, pick up a bottle or try some of our delicious products in our cozy cocktail lounge.
The Woods Spirit Co.
1450 Rupert Street North Vancouver, BC V7J1E9
Distillery & bottle shop: Monday-Friday 10 am - 3 pm The Woods Cocktail Lounge: Thursday & Friday: 5 pm - 9 pm Saturday & Sunday: 3 pm - 9 pm