Brand New Arancello

Brand New Arancello

Introducing our new Blood Orange liqueur Arancello the ultimate patio pounder
The Woods Spirit Co.The Woods Spirit Co.

The Woods Spirit Co.

Award-Winning Liqueurs

Award-Winning Liqueurs

Our passion for quality and flavor is what makes our range so special. Don't just take our word for it. Quality. Balanced. Delicious.
Vacuum Distilled

Vacuum Distilled

Flavour from Nature
We use a unique vacuum distillation method to preserve the flavor found in nature, our spirits are delicate yet flavorful as a result. Lowering the pressure inside the still lets us control the boiling point of our spirits and coax delicate flavor from the botanicals we use. From wormwood to juniper, our spirits are abundant in flavor from nature.
Distillery Tours & EventsDistillery Tours & Events

Distillery Tours & Events

Friend of The WoodsFriend of The Woods

Friend of The Woods

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sweet, softly herbal, red, classic.
refreshing, floral, fizzy, summer.
highball, juniper, hops, staple.
fun, fresh, spicy, tasty.
rich, coffee, gentle, indulgent.
sophisticated, peach, juicy, delicious.

Visit the Distilllery

Come visit us to see the distillery, pick up a bottle or try some of our delicious products at The Bar in The Woods Our bottle shop is open from 10-3pm mid-week and a beautiful cocktail lounge open on weekends.
The Woods Spirit Co.
1450 Rupert Street North Vancouver, BC V7J1E9
The Woods Cocktail Lounge:
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